9 Effective Home Remedies On Constipation

Do you face constipation? and want to know home remedies for constipation immediate relief, then you are in right place. Here I give you 9 home remedies on constipation.

Home Remedies On Constipation

Regularly, constipation has grown to be a standard drawback within the sense that the majority of us nearly consider it as routine.

It may be brought on by the meals you eat or keep away from, way of life selections, dehydration, stress, treatment, or disease.

Among the commonest perpetrators will surely be junk meal consumption, alcohol abuse, smoking, and overeating.

The widespread symptoms these people experienced, in addition to having the ability to cross stool had been irritability, lack of curiosity in work, mood swings, fear, and embarrassment. Then there was additionally stomach swelling, nausea, weight-loss, and vomiting.

There are many home remedies on constipation, which give immediate constipation relief.

9 Effective Home remedies on constipation

1. Stay Hydrate

Consuming sufficient fluids may assist stop and deal with constipation. It might assist transfer meals via your digestive system and cease stool from hardening.

If you’re constipated, you would attempt to discover aid by consuming some carbonated water that will help you rehydrate and get issues shifting once more.

However, don’t begin consuming extra carbonated drinks like the sugary drink, as they’re a bad alternative in your health and will make your constipation worse.

Generally, you need to goal to drink about 9 to 10 cups of liquid a day when you’re a woman and 13 to 15 cups when you’re a man. In case you’re constipated or taking fiber dietary supplements, you might have to drink extra.

2. Eat Dietary food

Getting sufficient fiber in your food plan is essential.

One of the studies discovered that 77% of people with chronic constipation benefited from supplementing with fiber.

There are two essential forms of fiber one is soluble fiber and another is insoluble fiber. soluble fiber soaks up water, which helps maintain your stool smooth. Where insoluble fiber provides bulk to your stool, which helps it transfer by your digestive system sooner.

To stop constipation, it’s best to goal to eat a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibers. The entire advisable fiber consumption per day is 25 to 30 grams for females and 35 to 40 grams for males.

3. Exercise regularly

exercise considerably decreased symptoms of constipation

To assist stop and relieve constipation, make exercise an everyday a part of your routine. The goal for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of average cardio exercise per week.

Research on the impact of exercise on constipation has proven combined results.

Some study shows that exercise considerably decreased symptoms

Whereas many research have discovered that exercise doesn’t have an effect on the variety of instances people go to the toilet, it appears to cut back some symptoms of constipation

If you’re constipated, then strive to go for normal walks, it may reduce the symptoms of constipation.

4. Baking soda for constipation

Baking soda for constipation

Baking soda is likely one of the best-proven home remedies on constipation. It re-alkalizes the stomach, neutralizes the acids, and providesreduction from stomach ache.

Drink the combination of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 / 4 cup of lukewarm water to get immediate constipation relief.

5. Triphala

Triphala is an instant Indian home remedy for constipation.

Triphala is made with Harad also called black myrobalan and works as an incredible laxative. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties which makes it an ideal type of remedy for diarrhea and other forms of infections as effectively.

Mix One teaspoon of Triphala powder with warm water. You can add honey for Taste and flavored. Best time to drink this mixture after Dinner.

Don’t eat or drink anything after drink this mixture, let Triphala work its magic through the night.

6. Senna

The natural laxative Senna is usually used to relieve constipation

The natural laxative Senna is usually used to relieve constipation.

Senna contains glycosides, which stimulate the nerves in your intestine and speed up your bowel actions.

Senna is safe for adults in a short period of time, However, Senna is often not beneficial for people who find themselves pregnant, breastfeeding.

7. Taking Magnesium Supplements

Getting sufficient magnesium in your food regimen may additionally assist relieve constipation.

Oral magnesium dietary supplements operate as osmotic laxatives. Which means they pull water into your digestive system, which helps soften your stool.

Magnesium-rich foods are high in fiber, so it beneficial to take it.

If you have any kidney-related problem, then consult your doctor before taking it.

8. Make a Herbal Juice

Take some heat water and add lemon juice and honey to it. Lemon is a stimulant to your digestive system and can assist flush out toxins.

Honey cuts the bitter style and a few researchers consider that it really works as a light laxative.

You possibly can additionally use some salt as a substitute of honey, because salt is wealthy in magnesium which inspires contraction of the bowel muscle tissues and also helps flush toxins from the stomach and small intestine.

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9. Prunes

Prunes treatment for constipation

Dried plums, often known as prunes, are broadly used as a natural treatment for constipation. prunes include the natural laxative sorbitol.

Research has proven that prunes could also be more effective than fiber.

The efficient dose is regarded as round 50 grams, taking twice a day.


If you feeling constipated, try these home remedies. They could be all it’s essential to get your bowels shifting again.

If these home remedies don’t work, otherwise you discover that you simply chronically constipated, then consult your doctor immediately.


Which foods that relieve constipation?

Split peas (cooked), Black beans, Prunes, Artichoke (cooked), Raspberries, Oatmeal, Apples, Figs, Citrus Fruits, Kiwifruit are foods that relieve constipation.

How to relieve constipation on the toilet?

Try to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes on the identical time every day, even if you cannot ‘go’. It could calm down your digestive system and cue your body for a bowel motionWhereas in the toilet, you may attempt to relax your feet on a low stool or elevate your knees above your hips.

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